Details of our projects and services: is a real time emergency flood map for the cities of Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya in Indonesia, which experience severe flooding on an annual basis. This project is in conjunction with MIT and funded by USAID. Our role has been to develop a scalable and reliable architecture, implementing a DevOps pipeline, deploying on the system on Amazon Web Services, and developing Internet of Things water level sensors. Read more: Scaling open maps for Jakarta flooding.

Working with Enviro Building Services Pty Ltd on smarter building monitoring and control systems.

Consulting on cloud storage and email: Across the Cloud has a growing number of clients to whom I have provided advice and assistance with for migrating file storage, emails, web hosting, and data processing to the cloud.

High performance computing: In my role as IT Architect at the SMART Infrastructure Facility our managing director provides advice to the SMART Infrastructure Facility and the broader University of Wollongong community on High Performance Computing (CPU and GPU spaces), including chairing the University of Wollongong's High Performance Steering Committee.

Mentoring a young student who's been developing a Shark app for estimating the likelihood of sharks being at beaches based on past shark sightings and environmental data.

Mechanical computing as a service: as a demonstrator of the use of cloud, Across the Cloud have successfuly implemented mechanical computing as a web service. Read more and find the source code here